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Rae [userpic]
Yay for alittlequacky!!!!
by Rae (indiemisscranky)
at August 20th, 2007 (10:36 pm)

current mood: loved

This is a late post--but I really wanted to be able to include photos and such!  My pal was so awesome!  She spoiled me to an unbelievable level, and--best of all--she totally got me things that I LOVED, but never would have thought to buy for myself.

In my first package, she provided the much-needed needle sizer and gauge measure (which has already gotten a ton of use), some beautiful stitch markers that she made herself (and you sould all go see her etsy store!), and finally a skein of garnet red bamboo yarn.  I have never used bamboo, and would have thought it to be coarse and heavy--boy was I wrong.  It was so soft and cool, and had the lovliest drape!  I knitted myself a lace halter out of it, and it was a big hit!  I posted photos under the cuts!

The second package contained hemp for knitting, which I also never would have bought for myself, but loved.  It was so interesting to knit with, and the patterns she included in the package were PERFECT for me.  I live in Colorado--the land of mountains and trust fund hippies.  If there's two things that everyone in the state does, it's play outdoors and carry a water bottle.  The pattern for the bottle sling she sent me is beyond useful--I've already taken it fishing!

Finally, I the third package.  Possibly my favorite of all.  She really outdid herself!  After recieving my second package, my fiancee surprised me with a spinning wheel (squeee!), and she appropriately sent me TONS of stuff to spin!  She sent me some lovely white alpaca that I can dye when i'm done spinning, some llama, which I haven't worked with yet, and am excited to try, and finally, some BEAUTIFUL hand-painted wool roving that she also did herself.  It is currently halfway done, with one bobbin full of fingering weight single-ply.  I plan to double-ply it, and can't wait to see how the colors play out!  It was a breeze to spin and drafted beautifully.  She also sent me a kit to make a needle-felted cow that I LOVED!  It is also almost done, and I can't wait to see it finished!  My favorite part--she knitted me a pair of socks!  Nobody has ever knit me anything before and I can't tell you now much I love them!  They are so special to me, I think that they were the best part of the swap!

Bottom line, I had the greatest swap ever, and it's all because of a very talented and incredibly thoughtful pal.  She put so much care and good feelings into the packages she sent--they really made my summer.  I hope that you were spoiled as thoroughly as I was!  

This is the top I made out of the bamboo!  Thank goodness it fit!

A close-up of the lace and beadwork.

My lovely socks!!  Aren't I lucky?!


Posted by: The Intersection of Art and Life (jennicole01)
Posted at: August 21st, 2007 01:54 pm (UTC)

That top is BEAUTIFUL! What pattern did you use?

Posted by: ╒‼VӘ (5eh)
Posted at: August 21st, 2007 10:27 pm (UTC)

I ♥ alittlequacky too ;-)

That is a great top, awesome job :-)

are you part of spinningfiber? the folks up there are awesome AND I'd love to see pics of your stuff as well as hear about your spinning adventures :-)

Posted by: Sylvana (sylascione)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2007 06:16 pm (UTC)

That's a beautiful top, love the color, shape and beads. You received very nice gifts.

Posted by: katojikuta (katojikuta)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2007 11:28 pm (UTC)

Wow, what gorgeousness.
Awesome top, isn't bamboo amazing.
Home made socks, you lcuky grrrl. mmm I'd like to try some but have yet too.
I great to hear about fantabulous pals.

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