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carakins [userpic]
by carakins (carakins)
at August 29th, 2007 (02:55 pm)

My July package was finally picked up from the post office yesterday, a mere 24 hours before I headed down to London to fly to Australia!

I love it. I want to thank siclady again for her patience with the rubbish British postal system and with me, and for her perceptive shopping! I hope we can keep in touch after this...

So, my camera was already packed (as was my cable) so I am going to have to do my best through word pictures!

I was so excited that I didn't even wait until I got home - my poor mum had me sitting in the passenger seat tearing off paper! First was a pretty felted coin purse with a flower on the front and the best pink lining. Second, a lovely huge container of some olive oil hand lotion - I complained last year about how knitting causes my fingertips  to fall off so that's much appreciated! Then, one of siclady's own storage bags with a cute 50s style button print. That's going to be so good for my circulars, and stitch markers, and crochet hooks...  By now, we're at the traffic lights at the bottom of the steepest hill, and mum can't help looking over as I open the prettiest handmade stitch markers and some butter cookies.  Mmmm. Finally, a Madonna print bag for storing WIPs. 

Thank you again for making the swap so complete for me. You are an ace pal!!


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