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Jillene [userpic]
A very sweet angel sent me a package
by Jillene (heavynleigh)
at August 19th, 2007 (09:33 am)

current mood: cheerful

That I received on Saturday, which is perfect because my splint came off Friday night! It was a pretty awesome package. She sent all sorts of goodies! The boys absolutely love the CD (so do I, to be honest!) and the jelly bellies (no surprise there. lol). I can't wait to come up with an idea for the yarn she sent. The colors are wonderful! The vintage afghan book is already giving me ideas to add to my "someday I want to make..." list and I'm going to have to learn intarsia so that I can make some of the beautiful sweaters in the knitting for babies and kids book. There were other goodies too, those were just the highlights. :-)
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Thank you so much Sarah! You put together an awesome package that totally made my Saturday!

angrykat [userpic]
Secret Pal Who art Thou
by angrykat (angrykat)
at August 17th, 2007 (06:27 pm)

Dear Secret Ninja:

I am sorry I have no pixies of kittens playing with the yarn; i live in the dark ages, all my cameras are manuals.  I am not sure who enjoyed your gifts more me or the kitten.  The she tried to chew the needles and eat chocolates. Ohh the boxes they were very enticing from a kitten point of view.  Kitten in the box; kitten out of the box; kitten chewing the box.

Your gifts were lovely.  I have a big sweet tooth.  the chocolate fortune cookies did not last the day.  I have started my xmas knitting, the blue fancy yarn is forming a scarf for my Aunt.   Your gifts gave me something to look forward too and occupy my time.   My roommate and  I have been play much cribbage with the vintage cards.

please reveal your secret identity.

ps  Are you from london on?  i use to have a job that dealt with postal codes  I can remember  codes for some  cities.

carakins [userpic]
by carakins (carakins)
at August 17th, 2007 (01:33 pm)

So, I've just had the best swap! Even though the postal service has been less than perfect, my pal never stopped keeping in touch to let me know and even put up with my moving during the postage strikes, which means that my third parcel is still in London while I'm in Yorkshire...(it should be sorted soon)
The spindle was just the finest, I'm slowly getting the hang and will be posting pictures when I finish my first skein. I could have hugged you when I got it, knitlady, and it was so kind of you to make me a washcloth too - and red is one of my favourite colours. The sock yarn is cast on to the needles from my first package, and I cannot wait to see what else I'm getting.

Thanks pal, you're the very greatest and so patient. 

Who are you?!

DeadEndKid [userpic]
by DeadEndKid (deadendkid)
at August 16th, 2007 (05:33 pm)

current mood: loved

Dear Secret Pal,
I had such an amazing time with this swap and I could never stop thanking you for the amazing gifts you gave me. How did you know I love color so much? How did you know dark chocolate makes me all fuzzy inside? Sometimes it was just like you were inside my head! ^.^ From the incense to the incredible yarn and the awesome dry felting kit, you made me feel like a princess. So when I can find out who you are?!?!?


P.S. I hope we can still be friends after the swap. :)

Tanya (Breau) Kearney [userpic]
by Tanya (Breau) Kearney (breau)
at August 16th, 2007 (04:25 pm)

current mood: loved

I'd like to nominate SWAPIDY PAL for MOST CONSIDERATE PAL OF THE ENTIRE SWAP for what she has done.

WHOA. I just got home from a very stressful week so far (long story) to find in my mailbox..

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Her packages always brought a smile to my face and made me know she was thinking of ME and not just throwing random things in .. I loved the candies, tools and wools that she sent me... I'll have to keep in touch with her and maybe swap things between us in the future!

Thank you Sylvana, it was a joy to have you as a pal! *adds as friend on LJ*

anitram21 [userpic]
'Frances' Rules!!
by anitram21 (anitram21)
at August 16th, 2007 (02:33 pm)

current mood: curious

I have an incredibly sweet and thoughtful pal.  I already suspected as much but when I got my final package yesterday it was confirmed.

Candace [userpic]
Who are you, my Kiwi Jellybean Pirate pal?!
by Candace (chibi_pink)
at August 16th, 2007 (10:55 pm)

I would just like to say that as a newbie to this swap, I had a fantastic time!! Life has been really crazy for me lately with the upcoming weddings (yes, that's a plural!) and setting up a home with my new husband. My pal did such a wonderful job at giving me the right gift at the right time. These included NZ goodies (including choooooocolate *yum*), things for a new bride, and of course beautiful yarn (sari silk and the newly proclaimed "petting yarn". I passed it around at SnB for everyone to pet/fondle). I haven't made anything yet with the yarn, but it will *have* to be something very special so that I will always remember the new friends I made in this swap.

I hope that I can keep in contact with you and meet up/knit with you sometime.

Thanks again! <3<3

Sylvana [userpic]
fairyknitmother me again
by Sylvana (sylascione)
at August 15th, 2007 (11:08 pm)

I'm sooo useless with this things by mistake i pressed post and i didn't finish my entry.
Here is the end...
On the last package there was something i had to open at last cause it was going to reveal who was my secret pal. I thought i looks like a frame but I didn't remember having a picture taking with anybody besides the Yarn Harlot and one of the girls at the knitting club (neither of us had the camera that night so someone offered to take a picture of the two of us) What's the point? ohh yes at that moment I was no it can't be any of them. But when I took the paper form the frame there we were the Yarn Harlot, Vanessa (hello my fairyknitmother) and me I was laughing so hard that I thought my neighbors were going to call the police.... yes i ended calling her and we laugh together, cause i even told her when she complained her pal didn't post much ohh yes my pal must be thinking the same way dahhhh.
Well Nessa as I know you are busy and we couldn't see each other much here is a picture of my WIP with the yarn you dyed for me. I almost contacted you to ask directions to dye some more but as I’m a very impatience person i decided to use some other material from my stash and I think is going to look good. At least I hope it's an idea that came to my head last Friday and i had to try

Once again Thank you Thank you Thank you for making this... a great experience. The best Secret pal ever.

Sylvana [userpic]
Thank you my fairyknitmother
by Sylvana (sylascione)
at August 15th, 2007 (10:35 pm)

What can i say about her? She sent me the most beautiful packages, very sweet and thoughtful. 
It was so amizing feeling that she knew me soooo well even when i just posted twice a month (i don't like much writting).
I had a great first experience, and she made me feel i had a  new friend  besides the girls i know form the knitting club. Talking about that 3 of us were in this swap (keep in mind this part for later)
Our first communication was by e-mail wher she told me she was in town  once in a while and if she could deliver the packages in my house instead of using mail/courier. Unawared of the hint i said yes thinking maybe she/he leaves up island/Vancouver/Seatle.
Lets  give thanks for each one of the three packages.
1) beautiful handmade lavander bag, my stitch markers that i love and used almost for every project i knitted since i received them and a set of needles, and of course a nice note with a Winnie the Pooh stamp
I was so excited with my first package i took pics after pics and i was jumping and of course i showed to my fellow knitters.
2)another beautiful note where she asked few questions (as i wasn't posting that often she needed a little more information) a bag where she put the letters on my name in one of the handles (very sweet) 3 balls of cotton which became my mom's first knitted socks (sorry fairyknitmoter....i arrived one day from work and i noticed that my mom took one of the balls and was half way her first sock, she tried earlier with different material and didn't work ,  and as she was visiting i couldn't say frog it that yarn is mine) At least i help her knitting them and showed the technique.
In this package i received stitch holders, needle pointers and cable needles ( I realy thought she could read my mind) she got everything i wanted or needed.

3)The last package i went to my little balcony/patio with camara in hand and as crazy woman jumping every time i discovered something. First of all as i was used to... i look for my letter in which i had directions. First a nice ball 100% merino wool that she hand-dyed in a mint color, a set of 4 buttons (which are now part of my WIP) a neckless (a silver flower with an orange center) that i use almost everyday, a hand & body lotion (lavander my favorite)